Are you looking for a solution to have your laundry clean and dry in a jiffy? voorpui Handy Wash Self Laundromat has it for you!
Clean and dry in one our.

Whether it concerns your personal laundry, or larger items such as duvets, quilts, sleeping bags, sofa covers, curtains, waterbed covers and/or mattress covers.

Our JUMBO WASHING MACHINE of 13 kilo content is especially suitable for the larger item laundry.




€4.50 per washing machine of 6.5 kilograms volume, duration about 35 minutes.

€9.00 per washing machine of 13 kilograms volume, duration about 35 minutes.

€ 2,50 euro to use the dryer, ready in 20 minutes.

€ 0,50 ct. for laundry detergent.

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Extra service


You can also have your laundry washed and dried by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.
We are available Monday to Friday. If you bring your laundry before noon, you will have your laundry washed, dried and folded that same day.
If you bring your laundry after noon, you can pick up your laundry the next day.
Prices are:

Washing, drying and folding: €10.00
Duvet, sleeping bags and other large items using the Jumbo Machine: €14.00

Who we are


Handy Wash Self Laundromat is a small scale company that has existed in Groningen since 1993.

Our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied with the service we provide, we do everything we can to achieve this.

Our customers

gele wasmachine

We strive to approach you personally as a customer, when we can help you, and you are 100% satisfied, our goal is achieved.

Our customers are, among other:
Students, catering companies, tourists, employees who temporary live and work in The Netherlands, people in small housing , and above all, loyal and regular customers who know the convenience of our laundromat and return frequently.

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